This past week has been extremely cold! Cold as in the only double digits we saw all week were in the negatives. While not great for skiing or riding the lifts, it is still better than weather that is too hot. The best part of cold weather is snow making. Windham Mountain has been making snow nonstop for the whole week. We love seeing the snow gun shooting snow into the air and most trails covered in snow.

The extremely cold weather means that our ice skating rink is solid. The smooth glass like surface is ready for skaters.

Now to the savings. You still have time to book a room for this weekend. If you stay Friday, January 9, and you decide to stay Saturday, January 10, the rate is 50% off. Yes, 50% off of the second night. We also have a new special to announce. As of today, if you stay any Friday and Saturday night, non-holiday at the regular rate, we’ll take 30% off of the regular mid-week rate if you all reserve you room Sunday night.

There is more snow expected for Monday, so we’ll keep you posted on the natural snow in the area.

Think snow,

– Kurt

This has been one of the coldest Decembers Windham, NY has had in years. It seems like everyday we get at least a dusting of snow to keep everything looking beautiful. Cold nights means that both Windham and Hunter Mountains have been busy making snow. The base that each mountain is enough to last long into the season. Of course more natural snow is expected and always welcome. Natural snow means that our sleigh riding hill should be ready for use soon. The more snow it has the more fun it is.

20141221_095557 20141221_095522_HDRChristmas and the New Year will soon be here. The Evergreen at The Thompson House will have discount vouchers to both Windham and Hunter Mountains all season long, including holidays. Call 518-734-4510 or send an e-mail to to check availability. We look forward to seeing you this ski season. Think snow.

– Kurt