If you’ve never skied in Windham, NY in the Great Northern Catskills, just one visit will make you a regular. Two of the best ski resorts in the North East are as close to the Evergreen at The Thompson House as you can get. Windham Mountain,  just less than 2 miles from our hotel. Hunter Mountain is only 9 mile from the Evergreen at The Thompson House, and offers a different ski experience than Windham Mountain. Both mountains offer skiing and snowboarding for beginner to expert, night hours, tubing, and a zip line.

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Windham Mountain is nestled in the heart of the northern Catskill Mountains of New york, and offers over 1600 vertical feet of skiing, spread over 50 trails of varying difficulty. The 12 lifts help you get to the trails without having to wait in long lines all day. The expanded beginners area, Whisper Run, was completed in 2013 and offers a large, safe, fun area for all new skiers to learn the carpet lifts. Windham Mountain’s newest trail, Wolf’s Prey, is a long  trail that the passes through the Wilderness Bowl and helps connect A lift with G lift. Every year Windham Mountain increases is snow making capabilities, so even if there is no natural snow there is still plenty of snow coverage on the slopes. Their central base lodge has everything you need to keep busy all day, even if you aren’t skiing or snowboarding, including; the cafeteria, Season’s Restaurant, “Boot Lab”, rentals, winter equipment store, Children’s Learning Center, bonfire, outdoor grill, and live music.

Hunter Mountain is one of Upstate New York’s premier destination for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing only 9 miles away. In 2014/2015 Hunter Mountain greatly expanded its children’s program, by adding two new carpet lifts for their “Explorer’s Program”. The new carpets allow children to get up and down the beginners trails without having to wait in line, giving them more time to learn from instructors.Hunter Mountains has 57 trails offering over 1600 vertical feet of skiing/snowboarding. Their 12 lifts, including a six person lift straight to the peak.