The great northern Catskill Mountains offer many opportunities to enjoy cross country skiing. Both public and private options are available with varying degrees of difficulty. Natural snow is required for all cross country skiing in the great northern Catskill Mountains in Windham, NY.

Cross Country Skiing

The Windham Path has 2 entrances, one just a tenth of a mile from the Evergreen at The Thompson House on Rt. 296. The other is about half a mile from the Evergreen at The Thompson House, on Rt. 23. This mile and a half loop provides public access to the beautiful Batavia Kill stream, fields, woodlands and fantastic views of the great northern Catskill Mountains. The trail is a very popular choice for residents and visitors of Windham, NY.

The Windham Escarpment Trail and Elm Ridge Wild Forest provides miles of country terrain for more experienced skiers. While providing a lot of fun, we highly recommend you only do this trail if you are experienced and if you are with another person.

Windham Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Center is now open at Windham Country Club, and offers enjoyable cross country skiing for all levels. Weather permitting; your winter wonderland will take you onto a few kilometers of marked and groomed and tracked trails near the Batavia Kill Creek with beautiful mountain views.