Event Overview
Pro GRT/XCT at Windham Mountain Resort hosts Downhill and Cross Country Mountain Bike racing with professional and amateur athletes from around the World. The Windham Pro GRT/XCT will cover a similar course as the previous UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events.

To be Determined. Visit www.bikereg.com to register.

Event Schedule:

Friday, August 12th 2015

8AM – 9AM – Course Walk
9AM – 7PM – Course open for Cross Country training
9AM – 3PM – Registration in “Mountain Express”
9AM – 3PM – Team Pit Load In
9AM – 1PM – Course open for DH Pro / CAT 1 Junior Practice ONLY
1PM- 4PM – Course open for DH CAT 1 Adult / CAT 2 / CAT 3 Practice
8:30PM – Night Ride Elm Ridge (TBD)

Saturday, August 13th 2015

8AM – 11AM – Registration Open at Mountain Express (Professional / Amateur)
7AM – 10:30AM – XCT Open for Cross Country training
9AM – 11AM – Course Open DH PRO / CAT 1 Junior practice only
11AM – 1:30PM – Course open for DH CAT 1 Adult / CAT 2 / CAT 3 practice
9AM- 11PM – Pro XCT Men Pro/CAT 1
11:30PM – 1:30PM – Pro XCT Women Pro/CAT 1
1:30PM – 3PM – COURSE OPEN DH PRO / CAT 1 Junior practice only
2PM – NYSMTB Series Amateur Athlete
3:30PM – Seeding runs DH PRO / CAT 1 Junior ONLY
4PM – GNH Kids Fun Race
8:30PM – Night Ride Windham Mountain Bike Park

Sunday, August 14th

8AM – 10AM – Last Call Registration in “Mountain Express”
8:30AM – 10AM – Course open for DH CAT 1 Adult / CAT 2 / CAT 3 Practice
10AM – 11:30AM – Course open for DH PRO / CAT 1 Junior practice ONLY
12PM – DH CAT 3 / CAT 2 / CAT 1 Adult Race Start
2PM – DH CAT 1 Junior / Pro Women / Pro Men Race Start

*Schedule Tentative and Subject to Change*

Awards to follow each race

Awards to follow each race

Upon Completion– Awards Ceremony at Fire Pit
Vendor and Team Space: Please call Becky Cooper 518-310-2729
Sponsorship Information: Please call Tim McCann 518-734-4300*1133
General Event Information: Erika DeWitt 518-310-2725

July 4th, 2016

It was a beautiful July 4th, 2016 in the great Northern Catskills this year. Thank you to all the guests who were able to join us at The Thompson House. If you weren’t able to join us this year, we hope to see you next year.

Beautiful Weather

The weather before and after the 4th was amazing in 2016. The sun was out most of the time, the temperature was warm and consistent, and everyone was loving the pool. People enjoyed time on the golf course and spending time on our NEW miniature putting course.

Start a Tradition

Families and friends are continuing a great tradition of meeting at The Thompson House every year, at the same time for a wonderful vacation. If you and your family and friends haven’t started a tradition of meeting at The Thompson House, call us at 518-734-4510 or send an e-mail, to start one today.

There were 3 generations of some families here, grandparents, parents and grandchildren. It is amazing to think that another generation of The Thompson House guests will soon be running around and playing games, just like their parents did 20 something years ago, and their parent before them.


The parade put on by the Windham Hose Company was excellent as always. The Thompson House’s float this year was… Finding Dory. You can see most of the parade in the photos below, as well as some of the guests who were able to join us. Next year we hope to see you in these photos.

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The Great Northern Catskill Mountains

We’ve been talking about it since it first opened in 2013, but the Windham Path is one of our favorite things about being in Windham. Just a mile and a half loop through the fields, down by the creek and a long the woods, just about anyone can enjoy being outdoors. The fresh air of the Great Northern Catskill Mountain and all the beauty nature has to offer. The Windham Path is easy to access, half a mile down the road from The Thompson House on Route 23.

Now, the Windham Path has a second entrance, behind the Windham Pharmacy, only a quarter of a mile from The Thompson House. With the new entrance, Dasha, Maddox, and I (Kurt), walk around the Windham Path almost everyday. Maybe it is the fact we can get away for a little while, but still be close to home. It could also be how easy it is to get to the path from The Thompson House. Of course we can find the same beauty around The Thompson House, but there is something about the path that draws us to it.

Dasha and I like to talk about everything as we look at all the pretty flowers around the path. Maddox loves to watch the birds go in and out of their houses put up by Windham Area Recreational Foundation (WARF). Occasionally he’ll chase after a chipmunk that wonders onto the path. Sometimes we’ll go down by the creek and look for fish swimming around in the water. If you get out to the path just after a rain storm you may see a rainbow appear over the mountains. The beauty of the Windham Path is endless.

Follow The Beauty

If you don’t follow us on any social networks, you’re missing a lot. We post a lot of pictures and interesting information to all of our profiles. Of course following us on all social networks will give you the best chance to see everything we post. I think we post some really beautiful pictures to our Instagram account several times a week. (See the examples in the post) We also share information about events and special activities in the area. Not being a part of our social network is really a disservice to yourself and everyone you are vacationing with.

See you soon

We look forward to see you all this summer and hope you get the chance to enjoy the Windham Path as much as we do. Tag us in your photos taken around the Windham Path and around The Thompson House, so all your friends can see what a great time you are having in Upstate New York. If you use #thouse2015 we MAY even give something away at the end of the season. So go post, tweet, follow, like, and whatever else is out there, and countdown your time until you are back at The Thompson House.