Adjacent to Windham Country Club

The Thompson House is located next to the Windham Country Club.  Most of the rooms in our Evergreen have a balcony that overlook the Windham Country Club and the Northern Catskill Mountains.  If you have never played golf in Windham, NY, let us personally invite you some of the best golf you’ll ever play. Contact us for our golf packages to Windham Country Club and other local golf courses.

Stay and Play Golf Packages

The Thompson House would love to host your next golf outing in the picturesque Northern Catskill Mountains.  Whether you are a single, couple, or group, we have accommodations and golf packages for you.  We offer discount golf tickets to Windham Country Club and Christman’s Pleasant Valley Golf Course, so you can stay and play. Discounted rates are offered for larger groups, so gather your friends and family for a round of golf in Windham, NY.

Windham Country Club

Windham Country Club is an 18-hole public golf course located right next to our Evergreen Building. The course is scenic and challenging with beautiful greens and fairways that follow the Batavia Kill and spectacular views of the Great Northern Catskills. Designed in 1928, the golf course and clubhouse has undergone reconstruction under the ownership of Windham Mountain, returning the Club to its former glory while maintaining its longstanding tradition.

Christman’s Pleasant Valley Golf Course

There are four major components that make up the golf complex at Christman’s. At the top of the list has to be the Mountain Course. At 7,150 yards set on 200 acres. this course is the longest and largest course in the region. Maintained to tournament conditions every day, The Mountain Course offers spectacular scenery and rewarding golf shots on every hole. A low handicappers delight from the blue or black tees there are white, red and gold tees to choose from, all USGA rated.

Roland Stafford Golf School

The hallmark of the Roland Stafford Golf Schools has long been their unique yet simple teaching method of golf instruction created by the golf school’s namesake, Roland Stafford. Roland’s musical talents and golf abilities together culminated in his success as a player, and evolved into his golf instruction methodology that has been benefiting students of the game for over thirty-two years. Rhythm and tempo are critical elements of his teaching methodology. It is hard not to love the teaching method. Its brilliance is its simplicity, which in turn breeds confidence in players and allows them their best game on the golf course. Experienced Golf Professionals have the communication skills and the knowledge to present this method clearly and simply to you. They apply lots of personal attention and work within the parameters of each individual. Improve your game in a 1, 2, 3 or 4-day golf school at The Thompson House in Windham, NY.

Other Local Golf Courses

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