“I have been coming to The Thompson House for close to 20 years straight as my wife’s family has had a July 4th Family reunion for close to 60 years running. I absolutely love The TH. The Greene County/Catskills area offers so much. There are beautiful hikes to be taken, Caverns to explore, and amazing quaint towns to visit. The TH has become second home to me and I always tell people that it is probably the only 4 nights out of the year where I truly get to relax. The Goettsche family make the stay so welcoming. People that bring their families make it an annual tradition as the kids love everything The TH has to offer. The pool is great, the grounds are beyond beautiful, and it is a place where you can just have that really old school family fun. Shuffleboard, tennis, bocce, nightly entertainment such as magic shows and bingo. I highly recommend checking it out. You will absolutely have a great time.”