Let It Snow!

This email was supposed to go out last week, but we got over 24 inches of fresh snow. We spent hours plowing and shoveling snow so that guests could enjoy some time in the Catskill Mountains. Conditions at Windham Mountain are fantastic right now, and the weather has been perfect as well.

The whole winter season so far has been great this year. The adjustments we’ve made for COVID-19 have made people feel more comfortable. Most of our rooms are accessed from the outside, so guests spend less time around others.

Next weekend starts the Presidents’ Holiday week in Windham. While Windham Mountain lift tickets have been sold out for a while now, we do have lift tickets available for each of our guests every day. There are only a few rooms left available during the holiday week. You can still call us to book at 518-734-4510 or go to ThompsonHouse.com/book-now.

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Family Fun Every Season

Whether you and your family are looking to head to the slopes in the winter, go hiking in the spring, splash in the pool in the summer, or pick apples in the fall, The Thompson House is the place to be. As you can tell from above, winter is still going strong in the Catskill Mountains, but we’re starting to get ready for the summer season. We have started putting rates together for this summer and are working on our annual spring letter.

We know how eager everyone is to receive their yellow envelope and plan their vacation to The Thompson House. With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on and some uncertainty about hotel restrictions, there will be a delay in sending the yellow envelopes this year. We made many adjustments to our operations for last summer, and we expect some of those adjustments to continue this summer.

One of the adjustments we plan to continue is limiting the number of people in the dining room. If you plan on staying with us this summer with our meal package and haven’t already made a reservation, making a reservation soon is encouraged. Space and dates with our meal package will be limited—Call 518-734-4510 or email, info@thompsonhouse.com, to inquire.

Summer Inquiry
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