Throwback to the old days. Anyone remember when the van was blue?

throwback thursday 10022014


A throwback to our beginning in 1880. This is the original dining room, which was located in the Manor House. Does anyone recognize the ceiling?

throwback thursday 09182014

A throwback to the days of old. Great masquerade for back in the day.

throwback thursday

“Social hour” in the Main Building at The Thompson House, back in the ’70s. Yes, the decor has changed since then, but the fun times are still here.CCI08282014_0002CCI08282014_0001  CCI08282014_0003

throwback thursday 08212014 The Thompson House masquerade 1980

A throwback to the 1980 Thompson House Masquerade. I think a few of these people may be here now. #throwbackthursday #tbt

A throwback to The Thompson House 1983 Masquerade.

1983 Masquerade at The Thompson House

1983 Masquerade at The Thompson House