First, we hope you and everyone you care about are doing well. 2020 was a year we hope not to relive anytime soon. We missed out on seeing some of you, and the summer season didn’t feel the same. In our 140 years of being “The Resort with the Personal Touch,” 2020 certainly is one we hope never to experience again.

With heavy hearts and great sadness, we need to let you know on October 1, 2020, our beloved “Dad,” “Opa,” “Opa-Opa,” John passed away peacefully with his wife, Mickey, and children by his side. Family members who could travel were able to spend some time with him before he passed. Many stories, memories, tears, and laughs were shared. John was mowing the grounds three weeks before and told Maddox and Aiden it is now time for them to take over the mowing. In October, on what would have been John and Mickey’s 67th anniversary, Doug led a private family ceremony to honor John. More stories, memories, tears, and laughs were shared.

2020 was a year of much heartache and sadness for our family. Just after midnight on November 2, 2020, Dasha received the harrowing call that her mother, Tatiana, passed away in Russia due to complications from COVID-19. Dasha and her sister, Natasha, were on their way to Russia within hours. Devastatingly, due to the pandemic, they had to bury their beloved mother without their husbands or children by their side. Maddox and Aiden couldn’t wait for their Mom to come home, so our family could all grieve together. We hope that soon we will be able to go over to Russia and finally be able to say goodbye to “Mama,” “Baba,” “Tatiana.”

Last fall, we went public with the fact that The Thompson House is for sale. The resort has been on the market for a few years now, with only people within the industry being able to see the information and make an offer. Our goal is to find someone who shares our vision of “The Resort with the Personal Touch.” Not long after going public, we received an offer from the right person. Being a 6 generation business with a lot of history takes some time to go through all the documents and finalize the deal. Both the potential buyer and we feel that we are close to getting all the paperwork together.

Those of you who made a reservation already for this summer will notice that there isn’t the usual pre-confirmation in your Yellow Envelope. We are still holding your reservation, but we feel it is best for you to not send a deposit at this time. If the deal can not be made or as long as it is delayed, we will be here and ready to welcome you.

We understand that this uncertainty doesn’t help you make your summer vacation plans. If we are open, we really hope you can make it for your annual vacation at The Thompson House. If you feel like you need to make other plans, we understand entirely.

Either way, we want to thank you for 140 years of memories at The Thompson House. We cannot express how much all of you mean to our family.

When we know for sure what the future has in store for us, we will send out a new letter with the good news. For continuing updates, including adjustments during the continuing pandemic, please visit our website,

Stay healthy and safe,

The Goettsche Family

As we start a new decade, it is hard to believe we are going into our 140th summer season on May 22, 2020. So much has changed during our historic times, but one thing has stayed the same, gracious hospitality. With four generations currently maintaining the beauty of our resort, hospitality definitely runs in the family.

John and Mickey are doing well. They still take Benson for a walk on the Windham Path every morning and are still very active in the community. Mickey takes Maddox and Aiden to Sunday school every week and John is looking forward to mowing and keeping the grounds in tip-top shape.

Eric and Debbie are also doing well. Debbie broke her ankle in January, but that hasn’t stopped her from watching Aiden. In the fall, they visited Brent in Virginia, where they (even Debbie) went mountain biking. They plan to visit him again this spring. Kurt, Dasha, Maddox, and Aiden are also hoping to join them.

As some of you may have heard, Kurt was successful in his run for Windham Town Councilman. Kurt’s great grandfather and 3rd generation of The Thompson House family was Windham Town Supervisor in the 1930s. He’s working hard to keep Windham a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and visit.

Aiden, with Eric’s help, has joined Maddox as aspiring professional skiers. Aiden is already going on the lifts and skiing by himself. Maddox has become more comfortable skiing and is even doing double black diamonds (the hardest trails). It is only a matter of time before they are racing each other down the mountain. Dasha continues to manage the Alpine Spa at Windham Mountain. Kurt, Dasha, Maddox, and Aiden are planning to go to Russia this spring since they skipped their fall trip so they could vote for Kurt in the election. Brent is still teaching, but now in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He moved out of New York last August and is enjoying his new school district. We look forward to his visits during the holidays and visiting him in the offseason. Evan still works at Windham Mountain but is starting a new job with a company that handles networking for large events and festivals. This new job will take him all over the United States.

2019 Spring Letter

As most of you may know, The Thompson House has been run by the same family for its entire 139-year history. Kurt is the 6th generation, and Eric is the 5th generation to greet you at the door with a Thompson smile. We want to honor the 4th generation, John and Mickey. John and Mickey (in case you didn’t know) are Eric’s parents and Kurt’s grandparents. You may find John making coffee in the morning or on the lawn mower, while Mickey is either watering, weeding or pruning the gardens on The Thompson House property. Yes, this is why the grounds are so beautiful and how they like to spend their retirement days.

In October John and Mickey celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Their children and spouses took them away for a weekend filled with stories, memories, laughs, tears and just enjoying being together. The whole family… children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were together on Christmas Day to celebrate John’s 90th birthday (his actual birthday). The house was filled with more stories, laughs, tears, and love. Mickey always says she can’t believe how one family can be so Blessed. In January John finally decided to stop volunteering for Meal-On-Wheels and was given a certificate of appreciation for his 25 years of service delivering to home bound seniors.

Maddox has spent many days skiing and is quickly becoming an expert. He loves riding the new high-speed 6-pack lift to the top of Windham Mountain and his favorite trail is Wraparound and the jump park. Debbie and Kurt decided to kick Eric out of the office more days this winter, and he has also been enjoying more time on the slopes than in the past 5 years. Eric and Kurt have also been taking turns helping the kids at “Ski Tuesday,” so they can ski with Maddox and his friends.

Everyone continues to do well. Debbie and Aiden have been spending a lot of time together this winter, and Benson loves it. Aiden knows where Benson’s treats are, and there is no place, he won’t find them. Dasha is in her second full season as the manager of Alpine Spa at Windham Mountain and is making a name for herself. Brent continues to teach elementary in Catskill and work on his house is moving forward. He plans on having the whole inside finished this spring. Evan returned to Windham Mountain this year in the ski shop and demo center. He also coached the local boys’ modified basketball team this winter and will be coaching the track and field team this spring.

The Thompson House opens for our 139th summer season on Memorial Day Weekend, May 24, 2019. We hope that you and your family or group will make it up to the great Northern Catskill Mountains this season. If you haven’t already made your reservation for this summer, please call us at 518-734-4510 or send an e-mail to

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A Long Fall Night

This off season has been one of the busiest we’ve had in a long time. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had two months to renovate the Evergreen to prepare for opening this winter season. The lobby looks amazing, and the office area allows us to function much more efficiently. Three rooms were also refreshed, with new paint and some new furniture. We could not be more pleased with how all the hard work came out.

John and Mickey are in good health. They still take Benson for a walk around the Windham Path every day the weather permits. All of their children, most of their grandchildren and lots of their great-grandchildren came over for Christmas breakfast.

Eric and Debbie spent the fall overseeing the renovations. It was a long and difficult process, but it all worked out in the end. They’ve been spending a lot of time with Maddox and Aiden. The kids are learning the tools of the trade, including fixing just about everything.

Kurt, Dasha, Maddox, and Aiden are all doing well. They made their annual trip to Russia to visit their family. All summer Maddox kept telling us how excited he is to start Kindergarten. He loves his teacher and is having lots of fun with his classmates. Aiden is getting bigger each day and is not afraid of anything. Dasha was promoted from her seasonal receptionist job at the Manager of Alpine Spa.

Brent has continued to do work on his house and adopted a dog. Bella is a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. She is doing a great job at keeping Brent company at all times. Seriously, Brent does not have any privacy in his house anymore. Bella gets along well with Maddox, Aiden, and even Benson.

Evan is working at Windham Mountain again this winter. When he isn’t working, he spends a lot of time snowboarding. Evan has developed a passion for photography, video, and editing both. He has been a big help with the renovations and getting us open for the winter season.

Even after a jam-packed fall we still have plans to do some projects this spring. Last summer we replaced all of the furniture in the Main Building rooms and converted some to King rooms, and this spring we’ll do more renovations to Main Building rooms. For more updates visit our website, sign up for our e-mail list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

The Thompson House opens for our 138th summer season on May 25, 2018. Hopefully, we’ll see you and your family this season. If you haven’t already made your reservation for this summer, please call us at 518-734-4510 or send an e-mail to

After taking a year off, winter has returned to the Catskill Mountains. We’ve had cold weather and snow since Thanksgiving, which is a welcome change from last year. According to the weatherman, we did have average snowfall this winter. There were over 2 feet of snow on the ground at one point, and the kids enjoyed every minute outside. Winter is coming to an end, and the weather is already starting to change. As we sit down to write this letter the weatherman is predicting we’ll have a record high-temperature today. 70o in February is very unusual for us.

With great sadness, we need to let everyone know that Joanne’s daughter, Krystal, passed away in January.  She had beaten Breast Cancer a few years earlier, but this last year cancer got into her liver and spread before chemo could get ahead of it.  Krystal was a young, hard working, ICU Nurse at Albany Medical Center for 20 years and is greatly missed by her many friends and relatives.

Here at The Thompson House, we’ve kept busy doing various renovations around the property, some roofs, and some bathrooms. Currently, we’re working in the Manor House redesigning some spaces to make better use of all that area.

We’re grateful for all the guests who were able to join us last summer. Whether it was to be part of a reunion, play golf, go hiking, or just relax by the pool, we hope you enjoyed your time in the Great Northern Catskills. It was also great to have you be part of our Thompson House “family.”

We are all blessed to be in good health. John and Mickey still go out for their exercise daily. They’re also busy helping volunteer organizations in the community and visiting friends and neighbors that can’t get out anymore. Although they no longer take their annual trip down south, they do enjoy short excursions with a local senior club and going off on their own.

Just last week we were excited to celebrate Aiden’s 1st birthday. He’s very fast on his feet and likes to get into everything. He’s doing his best to keep up with Maddox and Lada, and they’ll be running the games before you know it.

Deb and Eric are enjoying having their grandchildren over. They’ve forgotten how much fun it is to have little ones running around the house, and how exhausting it is.

Dasha, Kurt, Maddox, and Aiden went to Russia in November to celebrate Dasha’s Grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was Aiden’s first trip to Russia, and Maddox enjoyed introducing his little brother to everyone.

Brent and Evan are both doing well. Brent is finding out all the wonders of being a homeowner and making daily trips to the hardware store. Evan decided he wanted to spend his winter in Windham and has been working at Windham Mountain as a “Ski Technician.” His plan was to spend the winter snowboarding, but that came to an end when he broke his wrist snowboarding over Christmas Vacation.  The surgeon was pleased with his work, and he hopes for a full recovery.

Our doors open on May 26th this year for our 137th season, and hope you, your families and friends will join us for fun and relaxation in the Great Northern Catskills.  Give us a call at 518-734-4510 or send us an e-mail to  if we can assist in setting up your vacation plans.

Warm regards,

The Goettsche Families