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Kidsday Reporter

Every Memorial Day weekend, I go to the Thompson House with my family. It is

upstate by Windham Mountain. It takes about three hours to get there. The first

thing I do is go into the pool. When my whole family gets there, we have a big

basketball game. There is also tennis, golf and so much more. On the second

day, my family goes golfing. It takes about four hours to play. For breakfast

and dinner, we go to the dinner hall. The dining hall doesn’t have lunch, so I

go to the snack bar. You can get a soda and a hamburger or hot dog at the snack

bar. After dinner, we go to the theater. For the nights we’re there, they have

a magic show and horse racing. After that, my family goes to the game room.

That’s what you can do at the Thompson House. See you there!

Visit or call 518-734-4510


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