Every night during your stay at The Thompson House, you will be treated to some nightly entertainment. We provide family entertainment that is fun for all ages. Some of the nightly entertainment we provide are: Horse Racing, BINGO, Movie, Magic Show, and Live Music. You can find out more about our nightly entertainment below. We know you and your family will enjoy each night at The Thompson House.

Horse Racing

horse racing at the thompson house in windham ny

Sorry, no real horses involved, at this point in time. Typically a night of horse racing includes 4 races each with its own set of rules. Guests bet on which horse(s) they think will win before each race begins. The odds are for each horse are based on the number of bets for each individual horse, and given during or prior to the beginning of the race. Guests who choose the winning horse collect their money then join the “non-winners” in placing their bets for the next race.


bingo at the thompson house family entertainment

The classic fill in each space to win game. We play as many games as we can on BINGO nights. There are a variety of games to play including, regular BINGO, T, H, X, Round Robin, and Small Round Robin. When you have a winning card, yell out BINGO and collect your money. Make sure you have an actual winning card or you’ll have to do the walk of shame. We always end each night of BINGO with a Jackpot. Feeling luck?

Magic Show

mr twisty magic show at the thompson house with kids

Everyone loves a good magic show, but at The Thompson House we have amazing magic shows. We work with magicians, so they can tailor their show to our guests. Whether there are lost of adults, young children or older children, you will enjoy the magic show at The Thompson House.

Live Music

band poolside at night

On nice evening we like to have the musicians play poolside, so you can enjoy the wonderful fresh Catskill Mountain air. The musicians can play the best songs from yesterday and today. Have a song you want to hear? Just ask and they may be able to play it. Some of the musicians that play at The Thompson House are, Bobby Val Band, Edward “The Human Jukebox” Clifford, Jimmy Walsh, and the Tommy Mulvihill Band.


Movie Theater

Our theater has a large projector screen and great sound. The Thompson House plays family friendly movies during the peak season. Frozen still seems to be a very popular choice with our younger guests. When the kids are in school and the adults are here to relax and play golf, we play movies like The Iron Lady and The Theory of Everything. Want to see a particular movie while you are here? Just let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to show it.