Fitness Your Way

Everyone wants to enjoy a fabulous and relaxing vacation without unwanted consequences, which for most people is putting on weight and getting off track with their fitness routine. In this case all you need is motivation on vacation! We are happy to be working with Dasha, a NASM certified personal trainer, who will make sure you get your fit in and who will make your workout safe and beneficial. Just going to our gym and lifting weights or walking on the treadmill may not be enough nor safe, because in order to get the maximum results your workout program should be designed professionally. Dasha can write up a customized workout program according to your goals and fitness level, that you will also be able to take home with you and continue training. Following the program very closely will allow you to take your fitness to the next level safely. The last thing anyone wants is to get hurt during a great vacation in Windham, NY.

Stay In Shape

The Thompson House offers large portions of delicious food, that passing on would be considered a crime. Working with Dasha will help keep the pounds off, while you enjoy every meal. Guests of The Thompson House get special pricing, so working with Dasha, our certified personal trainer, is affordable (call us or see her for details). If you have few people you would like to workout with, talk to her personally, she can put together a great group program for you and lead the 30-40 minute class that will not leave your t-shirt dry! More results faster. She will motivate you during class, make sure you keep a proper form and have lots of fun!

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About Dasha

Fitness has been Dasha’s passion for most of her life, and in 2013 she decided to make a career out of helping other people meet their fitness goals. Dasha studied through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, after Kurt told her about about a commercial he heard on the radio. Within 6 months Dasha finished school, aced her exam, and became a certified personal trainer.  Besides helping people meet their fitness goals, raising her amazing son, and taking care of her handsome husband, Dasha is also studying to be a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, so you can get a great nutrition and supplementation advice from her. If you don’t want to workout and you only want to correct your nutrition and structure your supplementation regimen, she will give you a consultation as well. Just make sure to call her and schedule your appointment. Dasha and The Thompson House want you to have a happy, fun, relaxing, and healthy vacation that you will remember.

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