No Two Are The Same

If you are looking for different and unique hotel rooms, then The Thompson House is the place for you. No two rooms at The Thompson House are exactly alike. It is rare these days to go to a hotel where the rooms that not only have a unique designed, but also have individual decor. It would take you 70 different stays at The Thompson House to enjoy all the different traditional Colonial American rooms we offer.

Unique Decor

The Thompson House believes in a unique experience for each room we offer. The modern style of color and decor seems too bland and dreary. It becomes too difficult to tell if you’re staying at the same place or somewhere new. Other hotel rooms look alike, but not at The Thompson House. Our rooms have a traditional Colonial American style to them. We believe in using colors and patterns to brighten up a room, not monotone cookie cutter rooms.

The Pines Inn

The way our buildings are designed all the rooms are unique, but have similar dimensions. And then there’s the Pines. To find any two rooms that are the same is an impossible task. The Pines is our oldest building and has gone through many changes since it was built in 1856. From the ground floor hallway with a library, card room, and hotel rooms, to the second and third floor hallway and rooms, nothing is exactly the same.


Our “youngest” building. We first opened the Evergreen Lodge in 1961 as the first accommodations to overlook Windham Country Club. In 1984 we added a second wing, Evergreen II. The Evergreen II added larger rooms, adding more space for families. Most of the rooms added in Evergreen II have a balcony, also overlooking Windham Country Club. Evergreen rooms come in four different sizes, but no two rooms look exactly alike. Rooms have gone through renovations through the years, but still kept the country colonial charm you’ll find throughout The Thompson House.

Main Building

Added to The Thompson House property in 1965, our Main Building allowed us build a much larger dinning room for guest and new kitchen for our chef.  We also added twelve family size rooms at a centralized location.

Tamarack Lodge


Manor House


Spruce Cottage